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Elina. Escorts Madrid

About Me
Elina is a professional stripper cum escort girl. Elina is quite tall. She is 173 cm tall with slender figure and beautiful formed plumped breast. She keeps herself in shape through dancing and Yoga exercises. Being a dancer, Elina excites wild man sitting inside you through seductive dance moves. Once she start removing her dress; we bet your eyes would be wide open and wait for the right moment to take her in your lovely arms. Elina is a bit romantic. She likes being lifted and put to bed as shown in classical Hollywood movies and give her passionate kisses on her lips. She likes French kissing, then moving to whole body and finally giving you happiness through finger sex or anal sex in your favorite position. Nature-wise, Elina is a bit reserved and talks less. She is most suited person when you have lots of stories to tell about yourself or looking for a person who just listen to you patiently. Overall, she is a nice girl to be your close pal with whom you can share all your feelings and get sensual love too. Overall,Elina is perfect for one night stand or having some romantic moments in your apartment. She is not much into social activities and prefers to spend some quality time with her lover in her apartment rather than spending money outside. Please contact us in getting an appointment through phone or email. We would be glad to offer her service.
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I am Elina, 22 years old escort in Madrid for sex
I am Elina, 22 years old escort in Madrid for couples


: 22


: 52


: 173

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: 2




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